Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman Wednesday!

Today, like every week, is Wonder Woman Wednesday. Since I have no classes today, I started a tradition at the beginning of the year of being super-productive instead of just laying about (though it is VERY tempting sometimes!).

For example, today's activities include:
Cleaning my whole room
Re-doing the ol' sock drawer
LOTS of laundry
Gym time
Coffee date and a meeting afterward
Going to the bank
...and responding to some e-mails and following up on jobs!

Last week, I spent #WWW at home because I had surprised my mom the night before for her birthday. Other weeks, I save today for running errands, phone interviews, meeting with professors and the like.

Do y'all have any "power" days that make you extra motivated? Do tell :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Senior Year Spaz-Out

Everyone's heard of the Sophomore Slump. Everyone's surely heard of Senioritis. But the Senior-Year Spaz Out must truly be experienced to be understood. It can come in the middle of the night, the day of a huge test/exam or simply spending time that you know you won't have forever with friends you know may be far away in a few short weeks.

Up until this morning, I was cool as as cucumber. Picture me with an April calendar, nonchalantly filling in the last 6 weekend blocks with camping trips, mini-vacations and daylong shenanigans in our own backyards. Explaining to the DMV that I only had my current address for ONE more month? No sweat. Yammering on to my cousins about the bedding I had picked out for my future apartment (in which I will live and travel to the job I don't have...) big whoop!

But today, today it all hit me. I was just returning e-mails and trying to figure out where I could squeeze in a campus tour when my little eyes welled up. No more campus tours. No more sorority formals. No more mornings in bed playing on Adobe InDesign, putting off studying rocks and landslides.

Don't get me wrong, I am so excited for the next step, whatever it may be. But as my wise friend told me, once this realization hits, it doesn't subside. And every little thing I complain about, I now feel guilty because I will never have these little worries again. So, I suppose I am complaining less and being grateful more.... There, isn't that nice??

Friday, March 18, 2011

"Life gives us our dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them!"

When it comes to my future, I am very open in terms of plans and goals. I know that I want to be happy and healthy, in a job that I love. In my current search, however, I always keep a list of criteria to remind me what I love about my major and where I aspire to be.

1. Creativity

The number one trait I look for in a job would be that I get to use my creativity. Whether I am designing campaign material, writing, using social media, etc., I love that I can have the freedom to put a personal spin on my products. I hope that in a job I will be able to showcase this.

2. Variety

I am a hard worker, and very dedicated to tasks that I am assigned. At the same time, I tend to stay focused best when I have a great variety of tasks. My dream job would include meetings, computer work, research, event planning and design all wrapped up in a pretty package! I thrive in a constantly changing environment.

3. Communication

From a young age, my parents referred to me as "Hooked on Phonics". I have cultivated this love of communicating through years of school and professional experience. Whether I am chatting face to face or posting in a social media forum, I am most certainly a people person!

4. Passion

I find that I work the best when I am passionate about the cause that I am representing. I have created materials for everything from environmental to nonprofit to restaurant. Each of these projects has taken a special place in my heart and I felt truly invested in my efforts. This is also why a nonprofit organization speaks to me. I highly value the feeling I get when I finish up volunteering and I can't imagine getting to do that every day of my life.

Overall, these are just a few things that I search for in a position. Each day I think of a new idea that I want to do with my life. This list keeps me grounded and reminds me why I love what I do!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big City Life!

During my spring break, I was lucky enough to get to roadtrip my little Pontiac down to Charlotte, NC. My friend lives there and I have been dying to return ever since my visit last year.

Charlotte appeals to me in a variety of different ways. It is close to home, which is important to me for a first job. While I am definitely open to travel and leaving the "bubble" (a 3-hour radius my Dad created!), a close proximity to home is a luxury I would love to have as I begin my career.

Charlotte is a big city, but it has a small town feel. Whenever I talk about it, I like to equate it to my experience with JMU. I was nervous at first to venture away from Roanoke, I loved it the minute I stepped foot in the area, and I know that I want to spend some time there. also, it is just Southern enough for me to feel right at home!

I spent a lot of time site-seeing, lounging outside and of course, a little shopping! The city seemed to have so much to offer and such a great variety of living areas, entertainment and employment. Truly something for everyone! I can already picture myself showing my parents around the cool museums and running around the cute downtown area with my girlfriends. Too soon? Ehh, a girl can dream!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Job Search Continues...

I have returned safely (and soundly!) from a relaxing spring break! I am continuing to search high and low for a job that would be a perfect fit!

Recently, I have been very interested in the nonprofit field. I love the idea of serving others every single day through the work that I do. I have become very attached to the missions of the organizations that I am applying for, and I hope that my skills match their needs.

Throughout college, I have been very involved in volunteering and service. It never occurred to me until recently that I could, in fact, combine my love of PR, social media and communication with my passion for helping others.

I am still on the hunt in many different fields for opportunities. I have been lucky to meet many amazing people during my college career, making lasting connections. They have been so helpful to turn to for advice and suggestions about the "grown-up" world! While I am so drawn to the nonprofit field, my eyes and my mind are open all across the board.

Earlier today in a "life chat" with my roommate, it occurred to us that the right job definitely will find us one way or another. I know, I know... DUH! Sometimes it just helps to say it out loud and to hear someone else agree with you. We have 8 weeks left of classes and college life, and the job hunt is just nothing to get so spun up over :)

Well, those are all my ramblings for today. Stay tuned for more (hopefully positive!) updates!